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115 Flying Scot St. Lakeway TX 78734

Latest Status: Dec 2022

POSTED Dec 2022.

The City Council of Lakeway passed an updated AV District Ordinance based on the AV Zoning Commission recommendations with very few modifications. It was agreed that it would go into effect only after an enforcement plan was created and put into place, although a placeholder date of Nov 1, 2022 was included in the vote to pass the ordinance. To wit, 5 council members are on record saying that if an enforcement plan was not in place by Nov 1, 2022, they would push back the date of the effective date of this new ordinance. Unfortunately, Nov 1st came and went without a collective conversation between the Airpark, The City (zoning and attorney) and the Police regarding enforcement and to this date there is no written enforcement plan. 

The Mayor believes that he has created a valid enforcement plan, (which was not done in the way discussed during the council meeting mentioned above) and has used that "enforcement plan".

We are asking our City Council to require the enforcement plan to be developed, as promised and committed to, by a meeting(s) between the City (zoning and attorney) and the Airpark and the Police. To date this has not happened.

Latest Status: May 2022

POSTED May 2022.

The City of Lakeway agreed to accept volunteer applications for seven citizens to serve on a committee to study the AV Zoning area and recommend updates to ZAPCO.

Volunteers were chosen, one each, by each city council member, including the Mayor.

The committee is made up of these council approved members:

Ron Massa, nominated by Mayor Tom Kilgore

Matt Sherman, nominated by Councilmember and Mayor Pro Tem Louis Mastrangelo

William Cotton, nominated by Councilmember Laurie Higgenbotham

Chris Lee, nominated by Councilmember Sanjeev Kumar

Ed LeBlanc, nominated by Councilmember Steve Smith

JoAnn Anderson, nominated by Councilmember Keith Trecker

Randy Adams, nominated by Councilmember Randy Adams

Process: (1) committee meets, reviews facts and history, meets with experts, discusses any issues, determines significance, drafts recommendations (if any) and votes on them (2) deliveres their recommendations to ZAPCO (3) ZAPCO considers the recommendations, and if they vote then delivers results to the City Council (4) City Council schedules for discussion, public meeting, comments and then, if they wish, votes for zoning changes changes (if any).

Significant new Development


The Airpark and the City have agreed to propose the City Council that a Working Group be formed and approved by the Council on Feb 22nd at City Hall.

Once formed, this group will set ground rules, a meeting schedule and a due date for revising the 2010 City Ordinance.

During the time, the Airpark has agreed to a small set of adjustments to support the City's need to clear some obstacles until the working group completes its work and the ordinance goes through ZAPCO and then City Council for a vote.

While this is a good step in the right direction, a lot of work is yet to be done. We need your support for this working group (details to come) and all of our vigilance across the community and the city to ensure we stay on track.

This means:

- Continue our 9 volunteer tracks and the important work of each of these efforts.

- Be watchful with the city agenda, ZAPCO agenda, social media, etc.

- Join and contribute positive notes, photos and facts onto our official Facebook page HERE

- Notify of any odd Airpark behavior, flights, etc.

Thank you ALL!

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