Common Traffic Advisory Frequency (CTAF): 123.00

Austin Approach: 119.00

FSS San Angelo: 124.09

METAR: 119.375 (Lago Vista, 8.3nm North, Phone 512-267-1365)

Pilot controlled field information: 

5 clicks on freq. 123.00


Elevation: 909' MSL. Left traffic pattern 1,909'.

Runways 16 - 34: 3930' x 70'.

Asphalt; trees each end; Pwr lines RWY 34; Deer.

Displaced Thresholds:

       165′ (RWY 16), 345′ (RWY 34)


Coordinates: N30-21.48; W097-59.67

Magnetic Variation: 7E

Navaids: CWK 112.80 261° @ 24.1 Miles

Approaches: VOR/DME; GPS

Charts: San Antonio / L15


No touch & go's. Full stop only.

No operations after sunset or before sunrise.*

No low passes or fly-by's. Follow FARs.

Park only in marked spaces.

Max. certified gross takeoff weight is 12,500 lbs.*

No commercial operations. Incl. drop-off, pick-up of passengers*

  *By City Ordinance

Any practice operations at 3R9 should *only* be for the familiarization of the Airpark, (landing, pattern and take-off). Once familiar, all practice operations should be done away from the Airpark.


Please respect our neighbors and fly quietly with no turns before 1 Mile or 400' AGL (1300' MSL) after departure and fly standard traffic patterns for fixed wing and helicopters. Thank you.

Please run-up at the departure end of the runway whenever possible. Please use the taxiway between ramp and RWY 34 whenever possible. Note: low obstructions on that taxiway.


Lakeway Airpark offers Aviation Fuel (AVGAS / 100LL) for sale. This is self service and accepts major credit cards and provides a receipt. The fuel pump is located near our Terminal building at the entrance to the airport, next to the ramp. Be sure to ground your aircraft before fueling.


Phone: (512) 261-4385 (Recording)

Hours: Not Attended

Airpark CLOSED Sunset to Sunrise

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