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115 Flying Scot St. Lakeway TX 78734

We believe in facts, education, clarity and transparency.

The Airpark is:

  • Privately owned, but publicly available... and not for profit.

  • Operated by unpaid pilot and homeowner volunteers.

  • Membership based; avail to homeowners attached to the runway and pilots with property within the LTISD boundary.

The Airpark has:

  • A volunteer board of 7 people, 4 "on-airport" homeowners and 3 "off-airport" to represent the community at large.

  • An annual election, open and transparent, with a slate of candidates announced in advance and election open to Members.

  • Monthly Board meetings open to the public on the 2nd Saturday of each month at 9:30am at 115 Flying Scot St.

  • Open meeting minutes are available on our web site here

The Airpark operates:

  • In accordance with the City of Lakeway ordinances, the Airpark charter and a "Good Neighbor" approach to resolving issues. It is fully TCEQ compliant. Scroll to bottom of Safety page for more

  • In a financially sound, self-funded and transparent way with open books. No City funding is used to operate the Airpark.

  • In accordance with FAA rules, it's own safety rules (above and beyond FAA) and Membership rules.

The Airpark delivers:

  • Economic benefit to the greater Lakeway community; hospitality, golf, restaurants, property tax, other tax, etc.

  • A critical location for 1st responders, air ambulances, firefighting aircraft, Angel Flights & other emergency flights when needed. 

  • Joy and happiness to hundreds of children of all ages to come to watch the planes and sometimes get a ride.

The Airpark does not allow:

  • Flights at night, touch and go's, low passes, primary flight training on the runway or large aircraft to land.

  • Turns before 1 mile from take off and 400' (for less noise).

  • Airlines, Commercial Flights, on-Airpark repair facilities, shops, etc.

The Airpark needs:

  • Your support to recognize it as a local resource that makes Lakeway unique; a gem in the hills available to our community.

  • Your constructive feedback, visitation to the Airpark and outreach to us. If you have ideas or complaints of any kind Contact Us

Did you know?

The Airpark has been here since 1962. (and before that had a dirt strip for a local ranch, going back to the 1930s!).

Has a visitor area with a picnic table, swing and a grassy area to watch the planes from, including a speaker to listen to pilots talk.

The Airpark if full of pilots that love to talk about planes, meet your kids (and you) and show you around safely!


Q: Sometimes I see or hear airplanes landing after sunset or before sunrise. What's up with that?

A: The FAA defines "Night" as the time that is 1 hour after sunset. Some pilots don't realize we are closed at "Sunset" vs. "Night". We are working to clarify this with the City of Lakeway, as "Sunset" is a City ordinance definition.

Q: What is the Airpark doing to help pilots know when the Airpark is closed for operations?

A: At the Airpark's expense we installed an automatic messaging system that alerts pilots after sunset and before sunrise, on the radio, that the Airpark is closed for operations. This has significantly helped reduce landings after sunset.

Also: Our hours of operation are published with the FAA and on their Airport Facility Directory and programs like "Foreflight". Additionally, members approach or alert (by radio) visiting pilots of this rule when and where possible.

Q: What steps does the Airpark take to maintain and improve safety?

A: We allow pilots (as per the FAA) to hire instructors to maintain proficiency and learn to improve their flying skills. While they can take off from the Airpark they must conduct their primary training away from the Airpark. We also post signs, publish information with the FAA, monitor the radios when we can and have built a community of members, pilots, neighbors and boosters of the Airpark to educate and inform.

Q: I have heard that the Airpark operates a flight school. Is that true?

A: No. A flight school is a business with facilities, employees and a license to operate flight instruction for a fee. There is no flight school at the Airpark. However, pilots who own planes or use one from the small Lakeway Flying Club can, if they want to, privately hire their own instructor and conduct training *away* from the Airpark. 

Q: What is the Flying Club all about?

A: The Flying Club is not operated by the Airpark. The club offers affordable access to the benefits and joys of aviation for those without the means to afford an airplane - but are passionate about flying. This is a special community benefit to a wide range of people in Lakeway / LTISD from all walks of life to access our Airpark and enjoy flying. Removing this club removes access and leaves the Airpark available only to one set of folks.

Q: I've heard the Airpark has safety issues?

A: The Airpark has one of the best safety records for similar Airports in Texas -- and for over 40 years. According to the FAA, NTSB, AOPA NALL Report and FlightAware, Lakeway Airpark has 50% accident rate of the national average. The elementary school and skatepark are both 30-60 degrees offset from the centerline of our runway and there is a golf course on the other side of the centerline which any pilot would head to if needed. So far, no one has needed to. Furthermore, when the school was built, a study of the Airpark operations and any dangers were considered - and favorably.

We do not allow large aircraft. We do not allow touch and go's or low passes. We do not allow flight training at the Airpark, instruction needs to occur elsewhere after take off. We follow noise abatement procedures on take off (no turns before 1 mile). We do not allow take off or landing after sunset. We publish all our rules with the FAA, on our web site, in pilot apps like ForeFlight and on signage at the Airpark.

Q: What about the deer?

A: The Airpark members do not shoot, harm, harass or poison the deer. There is no deer policy at the Airpark or 3rd party vendors engaged at the the Airpark to capture or cull the deer. None. This is totally rumor and conjecture. Perhaps in the past someone related to the Airpark complained about the deer or told someone they didn't like deer. Times change. The deer are fine.

It is completely impractical and unnecessary (for improved safety) to install fencing and the ~43 massive electric gates at each home taxi-way that would be required. The fencing would have to be 8' tall and would cost a fortune to install and maintain.

This prison looking apparatus would be a monstrosity looking for a non-problem, destroy the "view shed" of our beautiful airpark and create all sorts of other unintended problems. 

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