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Automatic, pilot controlled Temperature, Wind, Dew Point and Altimeter information.

Triple click on your PTT @ 123.00.

Fully paved and marked runway, taxiway and ramp (for day use only).

Fuel services (100LL).

Small picnic table area, grass area and soda machine.



$0 single engine piston

$100 for JET A planes


$25 night


Enjoy all of the items on the visitor list plus:

   Tiedown space (requires annual fee)

   Discounted fuel prices (for aircraft based @ 3R9).

   Access to the airpark terminal building and bathroom

   Use of the plane washing area and hose next to terminal

   Voice at board meetings

   Become a Member


When available: $1600 for annual ramp (asphalt) tiedown with signed lease. Currently annual parking is available. Requires Active Level membership or better.


When available: $1600 for annual grass tiedown with signed lease. Currently annual parking is available. Requires Active Level Membership or better. Furnish your own tiedowns and mow around your airplane.


Auto Parking: $10 per night

Or $750 per year, which requires an Active Level Membership or better. (Class 1, 2 or 3).



Q: Is there transient parking? If so, is there a fee?

A: Yes. Anyone can find a spot on the ramp or grass area for tying down. Please find the fee schedule at the terminal building and envelopes for your payment.

    $25 per night

In all cases: 8 nights max per month

Q: Can I park my plane or car overnight?

A: Yes. Please just pay the fee that is posted using the envelope and drop box at the terminal building.

Q: Does 3R9 have runway lights?

A: No. It is also closed for all operations from sunset to sunrise.

Q: Does 3R9 allow touch and goes?

A: No. Low passes also not allowed. Full stops please.

Q: Does 3R9 allow gliders, balloons, ultralight or weight-shift aircraft?

A: Sorry, no. We do not.

Q: Is 3R9 a place where I can practice maneuvers, patterns, landings and takeoffs?

A: Any practice operations at 3R9 should *only* be for the familiarization of the Airpark, (landing, pattern and take-off). Once familiar, all practice operations should be done away from the Airpark.

Q: Are there hangars available?

A: The hangars at Lakeway Airpark are privately owned. Lakeway Airpark does not control or manage these hangars. To respect the privacy of the hangar owners, Lakeway Airpark will not provide contact information or referrals. Lakeway Airpark will not provide hangar search services or other such information for prospective buyers. Please contact a realtor about any land or homes available for sale adjoining the airport.

Q: Is weather info available on frequency?

A: Yes, a limited amount is avail via an automatic service. Triple click your PTT to hear the latest. Freq: 123.00.

Q: Is there a hose for washing my plane?

A: Yes, for Class 1, 2 & 3 memmbers. It is located on the side of the terminal building, near the parking area. Please be sure to turn completely off and roll back up when finished.

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