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Questions for the Board

1. Which template is best?

2. Anything obviously not desirable design-wise? Home page OK?

3. Menu categories and sequence - any changes?

4. Decision on the need (or not) for a dedicated "Rules and Regulations" page.

5. Board Minutes page - notice that many are missing. OK? Are they located somewhere?

6. OK to put new board minutes up each month? Y/N.

6.5 Do we want a log-in / private content part of the site for any reason?

7. Would we like to start doing newsletters?

8. Social media open question. 

9. Approval to move this to our domain name? Cost = $120/yr to host with Wix.

3 Years $9.00 x 36 months

2 Years $10.50 x 24 months

Yearly $13.00 x 12 months

Monthly $17.00 / every month

Asks of the Board

1. High resolution images, esp. aerial.

2. Help to proof read site - but especially: About Us, Pilots page info, Services, Membership rates/conditions & Membership Form. Send email to Josh of spelling, factual errors, undesirable content.


Temp address =

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